Eden Evans

Like her brother, Eden Evans, grew up in a racing family.

She knows how tough the sport can be, but has also enjoyed sharing the spoils at an early age when dad Simon won his four national rally championships.

She has done a few practice laps on the family property since being handed the keys to dad’s Polaris RZR at Christmas in 2018, but turns a wheel in anger for the first time in the 2021 KINCROME Motorsport Australia SXS Championship.

Eden is fitting in her racing commitments around her studies to be a nurse and her regular netball games.

Personal details

Name: Eden
Date of Birth: 25/09/1997
Born: Berwick
Lives: Melbourne
Married: Feels like it
Occupation: Nurse
Interests: Gym, netball, running, boats, camping, everything with a beach involved

Follow on social media

Instagram: @edenevanss_

Let's go racing

Debut Year in SXS championship: 2021
SXS Championships: Nil 

Motorsport Achievements

Racing Hero: Ricky Bobby
Dream race car: Anything with 4 wheels
Favorite Racing venue: We’ll find out this year, at the moment dad’s backyard
Fastest I have been in a car: (speed, in what and Where): About to do that!
Best Racing memory: Christmas 2018, first drive of a Polaris

Favourite stuff

Kincrome product: Everything!
Website: www.kincromeracing.com
Podcast: Life uncut
TV Show: Brooklyn 99
Movie: Mean girls
Book: Read nothing but nursing text books recently
Food: Chicken, anything chicken
Drink: Pink Gin & Soda
Restaurant: Nandos or Salsas (Love chicken, Love Mexican
Brand: Kincrome
Music Style: Singer/songwriter
Band/singer: Ziggy Alberts, Rubens. Dean Lewis
Holiday destination: Anywhere with a beach & Canada
Dream road car: Haven’t decided yet
Sport – other than motorsport: Netball
Sporting team: Collingwood (apologies, blame my mother)
Sporting hero: Cal Naughton Jr
To relax I like to: Go for a run or sleep