Meet KINCROME Racing

KINCROME Racing has evolved out of the long-established and successful Simon Evans Motorsport operation at Bass in Victoria.

The team is headed by Simon Evans who is a four-time national rally champion and who is regarded as one of best products of the modern era of Australian rallying.

In more recent years his driving talents have been converted to the world of off-road racing and in particular SXS competition.

Simon has always regarded his operation as a family affair and welcomed his son Jackson into the fold a few years ago.

The old saying of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” was no more evident when Jackson replaced Simon as the national SXS champion in 2019.

The family racing tree grew another branch in 2021 with Simon’s daughter Eden becoming the final member of a three-driver KINCROME Racing operation.

The team members all have their individual identities with Simon (blue), Jackson (black) and Eden (Silver) carrying individual KINCROME-inspired themes.

Simon Evans

Simon Evans is one of the best products from the modern era of Australian rallying and off-road racing.

He began his career in 1991 and won the Victorian Rally Sprint Series outright in his debut year.

Evans won four national rally championships in five years from 2006 to 2010 for three different manufacturers.

Jackson Evans

Jackson Evans was always destined to be a racer.

He grew up at rally events around the country and experienced the work ethic needed to be successful from his father Simon on almost a daily basis.

Eden Evans

Like her brother, Eden Evans, grew up in a racing family.

She knows how tough the sport can be, but has also enjoyed sharing the spoils at an early age when dad Simon won his four national rally championships.